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Laptop repair Prague

We provide software fixes and hardware repairs. We can deal with equipment failures such as broken screens, covers and keyboards. We can diagnose and repair software problems such as speed issues and wrongly installed applications. Whether it’s a LCD or LED screen, power jack, keyboard or any other problem, we have the knowledge and experience to fix it.

Typical repairs are:

  • laptop freezing or slow running,
  • broken LCD or LED screens – screen replacement, poor backlight, poor colours, blinking screens,
  • laptop contamination – liquid damage (water, juice, cola…), food, dust,
  • power connector repairs, power supply testing and replacing,
  • virus removal, antivirus software installations, firewall settings,
  • Windows fixes or reinstallations, data backup, applications backup, e-mail settings,
  • cleaning of cooling system, replacing system fans, CPU fans, VGA fans.

We repair most models and brands of laptops.

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